Wolf Noble

UNIX Systems Engineer ~ DevOps Engineer


Being passionate about the technologies I work with is critical to maintaining my interest and assuring my success. I strive to improve processes and procedures, and generally leave things better than I found them as I move through life. While I’m not always certain where these trends are going to take me, I am confident that I will always enjoy what I’m doing.

Open Source



  • Bash
  • Puppet
  • Ruby
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Nerd
  • Geek
  • Luddite


  • Redhat/CentOS
  • Debian/Ubuntu
  • Xenserver
  • Gentoo
  • FreeBSD
  • OSX
  • PFSense
  • OpenFiler
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP


  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Git
  • Postfix
  • Puppet
  • Docker
  • LDAP
  • RHCS
  • LVM
  • Multipath
  • Asterisk
  • X.509
  • GPG
  • SSH
  • NFS
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • PF/IPTables
  • HTTP
  • DNS



Position: DevOps Engineer

March 2015 - Present

Help take HipChat to the next level.


Position: DevOps Engineer

September 2013 - March 2015

Improve existing opensource Puppet AWS infrastructure and modules. Help engineer next generation automation infrastructure utilizing emerging cloud technologies to streamline and automate the development pipeline.


Position: UNIX Team Lead

November 2012 - August 2013

Provide guidance and leadership for 5 local, and 7 remote UNIX admins, in addition to maintaining previous responsibilities. Identify and implement ways to improve internal processes and procedures to provide our customers with better support.


Position: Senior UNIX Systems Administrator

July 2010 - November 2012

Administer, architect, and maintain client environments across a myriad of heterogeneous client configurations ranging from tens to hundreds of systems. Implement automated system configuration via Puppet. Troubleshoot problems in various client solutions. Recommend and implement solutions to growing pains for various LAMP configurations. Develop and implement Datapipe’s internal Puppet infrastructure.

Comcourse Inc

Position: Director of IT

2007 - Mar 2010

Architect and implement an HA clustered solution to house the existing poorly maintained production infrastructure. This increased performance and actually reduced our monthly expenses. Added resiliency to corporate infrastructure with minimal expense. Daily administration and problem solving on all production and development servers, corporate firewalls, and PBX. Day to day setup and maintenance of all desktops in the office.

Simpli Hosting Silicon Valley Web Hosting

Position: Systems Administrator

2006 - 2007

Facilitate and support a heterogeneous herd of dedicated, colocated, shared, managed, and backend servers. Build and upgrade servers as needed. Attend to client needs. Provide a personal, and professional level of interaction with clients. Performed oncall support as needed. Implemented an automated deployment system to build client servers using FAI and kickstart.

eBay Inc

Position: UNIX Systems Administrator

1999 - 2002

Primary responsibility was to administer and maintain all outbound email servers (sending millions of emails a day), and perform maintenance and updates for our dns servers. Secondary responsibilities included the configuration of new solaris and linux servers for multiple functions around the site. Perform on call rotations as needed. Troubleshoot problems when they were brought to my attention, resolving or escalating in a timely fashion

eBay Inc

Position: Junior UNIX Systems Administrator

1997 - 1999

Build and support all office desktops. Build, maintain, and support our internal groupware, mail, and Customer Support interface servers. Build new production web servers.

Stanford Federal Credit Union

Position: IT Tech Support

Build and support all office and branch desktops. Provide assistance and guidance wherever possible.

Extra Curricular

Black Rock City, LLC.

Burning Man - Gerlach, NV


2000 - 2010

  • Department of Mutant Vehicles
  • Perimeter
  • Black Rock Rangers

The Role of a Black Rock Ranger is to anticipate solutions to problems before they exist, and attempt to implement them only when necessary; to be available for non-confrontational mediation when those solutions fail. They are the good-hearted neighbor who tries to be helpful (and usually is), and the liaison between participants and Law Enforcement.

The Department of Mutant Vehicles volunteers are responsible for validating the safety of mutant vehicles and collectively selecting the finest examples of moving art to be displayed at the event.

Perimeter volunteers help assure the safety of the event by keeping the main gate the only point of ingress/egress. This insures that all participants have brought sufficient food, water, and shelter for the duration of the event, and prevents unlawful trespass, or departures involving wrongful acts.

Nocturnal Sunshine

Santa Cruz, CA

Performer / All Things Technology

2004 - 2010

  • Design/code a dynamic jQuery/PHP site for the troupe
  • Create Promotional videos
  • Remix countless songs to accommodate a myriad of performances
  • Designed and made dozens of costumes and fire props
  • Did I mention fire?

Nocturnal Sunshine is a premiere fire performance troupe in the north Bay Area.

Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC.

Burning Flipside - Austin, TX


2004 - 2012

  • Pyropolis Ranger
  • Pyropolis Ranger Shift lead

Lead a team of 5-10 volunteer rangers for eight hour shifts. Act as a point of contact and source of solutions for volunteers and participants. Work with other shift leads, medical personal, LLC members, and law enforcement to help maintain the safety of the event and the wellbeing of the participants.

High Sierra Music Festival

Quincy, CA

Volunteer Artist Liaison

2005 - 2009

The Artist Liaison is the face of the festival for the bands they are assigned. Responsibilities include making sure their artists get where they need to go before they need to get there, have everything they need to perform, get their merchandise where it needs to be, facilitate rides to/from hotels, coordinate with band members, managers, stage managers to make everything go smoothly.